The Straw Hat Crew and Friends of One Piece, typically shortened to the Straw Hat Crew, is a world football club competing in the Fiore Football League. As the name suggests, the Straw Hats of One Piece founded this club. Captain Jack Sparrow would then buy the club, appointing Juande Ramos's long time assistant Muniz as manager. Keeping in line with the pirate theme, other pirates play for the club. Real life players at the club hail from England, New Zealand, Cape Verde and Turkey... wait, Turkey? Blame it on Usopp...

Straw Hat Crew
Straw Hat Crew logo
Straw Hats' Jolly Roger
Full Name The Straw Hat Crew and friends of One Piece
Nickname(s) The Straw Hats, Bounty Lads (and Lasses)
Founded 2014
Ground Portgas D. Ace Colosseum
Capacity 80,000
Chairman Captain Jack Sparrow
Manager Muniz
League Fiore Football League
Most Recent Finish TBD (2014-15)


As of 31 August 2014.

No. Name Positions Played Country
1 Monkey D. Luffy (Captain) F C Northern Marianas Islands
2 Roronoa Zoro (Vice captain) D, DM RC Northern Marianas Islands
3 Nami D, DM R Northern Marianas Islands
4 Usopp D C Northern Marianas Islands
5 Sanji GK Northern Marianas Islands
6 Tony Tony Chopper M C Northern Marianas Islands
7 Nico Robin M RC Northern Marianas Islands
8 Franky DM C Northern Marianas Islands
9 Brook AM C Northern Marianas Islands
10 Laboon D, DM, M, AM, S C Northern Marianas Islands
11 Trafalgar D. Water Law AM, F RLC Northern Marianas Islands
12 Jean Bart D C Northern Marianas Islands
13 Jinbe D, DM C Northern Marianas Islands
14 Bepo S C Northern Marianas Islands
15 Boa Hancock D C Northern Marianas Islands
16 Eustass Kid AM LC Northern Marianas Islands
17 Guybrush Threepwood M C British Virgin Islands
18 Elaine Marley AM C British Virgin Islands
19 Bonne Jenet D, M L England
20 Matias Kranevitter DM C Argentina
21 Jack Cork DM C England
22 Micah Richards D RC England
23 Ryan Bertrand D, DM, AM L England
24 Scott Sinclair AM, F RLC England
25 Marco Rojas AM RL New Zealand
26 Chris Wood S C New Zealand
27 Ryan Mendes de Graca AM R Cape Verde
39 Onur Kivrak GK Turkey
40 Semih Kaya D C Turkey

Club InsigniaEdit

The club logo is the Straw Hat Pirates Jolly Roger. On the home kit, which shares the same palette as the Jolly Roger, the logo comes with a black mast. All Straw Hats players, including real life players, also have an "X" tattooed on their forearms, as per the Straw Hat recruitment rules.


  • As noted above, the Straw Hats have a unique numbering system. The 9 core members of the Pirates inherit the jerseys corresponding to their numbers, thus Luffy, the captain is #1, and the vice-captain (first mate) Zoro #2. Critics state that this system affects opponent concentration, but players like Kagura Mikazuchi, Rio Ferdinand and Rickie Lambert have played down such concerns.