Masr-El Mikasa is a world football team competing in the Fiore Football League. All players from the team hail from Japanese animation, predominantly the Shingeki no Kyojin series. This makes Masr-El Mikasa one of two all-anime teams, along with Fairy Tail Football. Unlike FTFC, Masr-El Mikasa features characters from Beyblade, Full Metal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann, Hetalia and even Pokemon. The chairman is none other than "Captain Tsubasa" Ozora himself. While Captain Tsubasa would have preferred a coaching role, his influence was enough to bring Belgium manager Marc Wilmots to The Brigade.

Masr-El Mikasa
MEMFC's Logo
Full Name Masr-El Mikasa FC
Nickname(s) MEMFC, The Brigade, The Warriors
Founded 2014
Ground Estádio Municipal 2 de Mayo
Capacity 50,000
Chairman Captain Tsubasa
Manager Marc Wilmots
League Fiore Football League
Most Recent Finish TBD (2014-15)


As of 31 August 2014

No. Name Position(s) Played Country
1 Bertolt Hoover GK Germany
2 Annie Leonhart D, DM, M RL Germany
3 Reiner Braun D, DM RC Germany
4 Ymir D C Germany
5 Krista Lenz D C Germany
6 Simon The Digger M RLC Japan
7 Yoko Littner AM, F RLC Japan
8 Kai Hitawari DM C Russia
9 Eren Jäger F C Germany
10 Armin Arlert (Captain) DM C Germany
11 Tyson Granger AM, F RLC Japan
13 Ray Kon D, DM RC Hong Kong
14 Jean Kirstein D, DM, M R Germany
15 Sasha Blouse AM C Germany
16 Connie Springer D, DM, M, AM R Germany
17 Edward M C Japan
18 Alphonse AM C Japan
19 Mikasa Ackerman D, DM, M, AM L Germany
20 Alex Louis Armstrong (Vice-captain) M C Kazakhstan
21 Levi Ackerman M RLC Germany
39 Wailord GK Samoa
40 Bidoof AM RL Kiribati
43 Austria (Hetalia) AM, F RC Austria