• Duke Of Stockport

    Hey groovy guys it's R.S. Butler here, the official butler for Duke Of Stockport here. It has been two months since Your Grace suggested a revamp of the Primeira Liga, and oh boy, this league has turned topsy turvy. In a good way of course! Here are a few of the highlights:

    It's the first day of the season and Fairy Tail visit Lamia Scale. The Fairy Tactician and First Master leads Fairy Tail, David Moyes leads Lamia Scale. One of the teams destroys the other, and hey ho, it is Lamia Scale defeating Fairy Tail. After he got sacked like potatoes Sir David hasn't had the best of times, but Lamia Scale believed in him, and just look at where they are now. Top of the League! Yes, it's early days, but Mr. Moyes has them rocking. Lyon and Jura ar…

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